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by Anne Grace on December 3, 2012

It’s one of those places that you could easily just drive on by without thinking much of it. We went there with great expectations of an awesome meal and it did not disappoint.

The small Latin American restaurant in Maidstone is a sister of the bigger restaurant in Ascot Vale. There are rumours that the Maidstone one is yummier, but I have yet to confirm it.

We were served by a cheery Latino who was running a one man show at front of the house. He happily recommended me the Margarita (10) as a drink and I chose the strawberry one. It was ah-mazing.

Strawberry Margarita (10)

E. and L. shared a lulo smoothie (6). Apparently it’s a Latin American fruit. The man had great trouble explaining to us what it was like, just because there isn’t any fruit that is similar to the lulo. It did taste like haw flakes being blended into a smoothie but the colour of the smoothie suggested nothing of it.

G. had the feijoa smoothie (6), another Latin American fruit smoothie. The colour was similar to the lulo but the taste was worlds apart. She preferred the feijoa to the lulo. I liked both, each with their unique taste. Definitely a must try.

N. had the mojito (10) – something I didn’t appreciate that much because of its minty taste. He, on the other hand thought it was awesome. Different taste buds, I suppose!

There were five of us and we shared 4 mains and an entrée. We started off with nachos (14). At first glance you might think the chips came out from a Dorito’s bag but the maize taste brings you straight back to Latin America. I forgot to take a photo of it. Definitely a nice starter to share.

Next, we had the Pastel de Choclo(20) which seemed like a Chilean casserole. It was slightly sweet – the kind that came from the sweet corn which was an interesting surprise. Some may appreciate that sweetness while others not so. Definitely nice to have a small bite of but I don’t think I can down it as a main.

Pastel de Choclo (20)


N. chose a special for the table – the Seafood Fajita (25). It came on a hot plate, bathed in beautifully spiced sauce. Accompanying it was some tortillas (which I felt tasted like arepas pancakes because of the corn meal) and yummilicious relish.

Seafood Fajita (25)


G. picked the Porcion de Pollo (20) (‘pollo’ pronounced po-yoh) which was grilled chicken served with tortillas, rice and some salad + relish. The maize taste was consistent in all the tortillas, tasting and smelling like a meal in a true Latino’s home.

Porcion de Pollo (20)


Last main was the Carne Asada A La Guanaco (24). It was a very generous dish, definitely one for the meatlovers. Composed of grilled steak, fresh chorizo, tortillas, rice and salad. The chorizo was outstanding, nothing like what the supermarkets try to make of it.

Carne Asada A la Guanaco (24)


After licking our plates clean, the waiter suggested a dessert – the only one in the menu – tres leche (6), meaning 3 milk in Spanish. We were so glad to have ordered it because it just summed up perfectly our beautiful Latin American experience in a sweet spoon of sponge cake soaked in three kinds of milk.

Tres Leche (6)



I’m definitely coming back. Maybe shall bring O.O. to test its authenticity one day.

Los Latinos
128 Mitchell St Maidstone, VIC
Opened Wed-Sun 5-10pm (call to confirm)
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