Captain America’s Hamburger Heaven

by Anne Grace on November 17, 2012

I didn’t intend to post restaurant reviews on this blog. I meant for it to be completely cooking/baking posts. Consulting Urbanspoon regularly and checking up on blogger reviews has been an unavoidable part of determining whether I should try a new place. So, I feel the need to give back.

You guys who are here from Urbanspoon, thank the other food bloggers for inspiring me.

Anyway, our group of 10 went to conquer the 1000 steps in Ferntree gully this morning (not that it was very hard). The trip left some boys plagued with hunger. Neither pancakes, scones or pies seemed enticing after the walk. Hearing that there was a burger challenge that entailed eating 1kg of burger and 600g fries seemed to get their attention though.

The diner is on this small block of shops along Forest Road seemingly in the middle of nowhere. It’s hard to think that you are only about 40 minutes out of town.


The interior is decorated to mimic your local vintage American fast food joint. While you wait for your food, you can entertain yourself by reading the various tongue-in-cheek writings on the ceiling and the various posters on the wall. They’ve also got a whole lineup of number plates hung on the wall from every American state.


B. in his sleepless judgement decided to take up the Big Heavenly Burger Challenge that comprises a 1kg burger and 600g of fries (300g for ladies). The requirement is to finish it in an hour to make it to the honours board. If you beat their record (6:44 for men and 12:43 for ladies), which according to the waitress, hasn’t happened since 2009, you get it for free. You are also not allowed to share the portion.

Unfortunately B. gave up at the 40 min mark, hence not finishing the challenge. C. happily helped him finish it off thereafter.

I had Captain America’s Celebrated Heavenly Burger  which I forgot to photograph. It was burger with the lot – beef pattie, pineapple, egg, bacon, pickles, cheese, lettuce and chips. It was okay – the pattie was rather tasteless and could do with more seasoning. I would rather have my Ramly burger over this.  The chips, however, were heavenly. Crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy inside. Be sure to have them while they’re hot because they do get rather soggy when they cool down. Overall the portion was generous.

Captain America’s Celebrated Heavenly Burger (16.50)


C. and N. shared The ‘Pork and Pecker’ Combo which involved buffalo wings + blue cheese sauce and barbecue back ribs which according to them was amazing. The wings  were perfect and the ribs were tender.

The ‘Pork and Pecker’ Combo (27)

M. had the Aussie burger which showcased the Aussie flavours – beetroot and BBQ sauce. He did comment that the sauce was a bit too smokey for his liking but was pretty good overall.


Aussie Burger (16.90)

It was a hearty meal and dinner was hardly on the agenda at it’s appointed time. This joint is definitely a popular one though so be sure to book on nights Friday-Sunday.

Captain America’s Hamburger Heaven
38 Forest Road, Ferntree Gully, VIC.

Opened for lunch and dinner
Captain America's Hamburger Heaven on Urbanspoon

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