peanut butter arctic roll

by Anne Grace on July 23, 2012

I’ve found a new gem – They’ve got a gazillion recipes on their site and videos to go with them!

Anyway, I stumbled upon this recipe for the peanut butter arctic roll. Basically a swiss roll with ice cream instead of cream.

In the recipe, they add chocolate coated peanuts. I added a chopped up Picnic bar instead. The boys loved it. I, on the other hand was slightly disappointed. It wasn’t quite what I had envisioned, texturally. Freezing the roll kind of upset the sponge texture for me. It lost this bouncy, soft texture and felt more like spongecake suffering frostbites. I suppose I can’t have room-temperature sponge and frozen ice cream altogether… It did taste super yummy though!

peanut butter arctic roll (recipe adapted from Sorted)


3 eggs
100g castor sugar (and a little more to sprinkle)
120g self rising flour
~1.5 cup vanilla ice cream (or any other flavour)
loads of peanut butter
1 Picnic chocolate bar (or more)


making the sponge
1. preheat the oven to 200˚c
2. line a swiss roll tin (30x22cm) with baking paper
3. mix the eggs and castor sugar in a bowl until it triples in volume
4. fold in the flour
5. pour the mixture into the tin and bake for about 10 mins until it gets this golden brown colour.

prepping the roll

1. lay out a damp tea towel and a sheet of baking paper on top of it.
2. sprinkle castor sugar on the surface of the baking paper.
3. invert the sponge onto the baking paper
4. roll up the sponge with the baking paper caught in between.
5. cover the whole rolled up cake with the damp cloth and leave it to cool. this allows the sponge to retain this rolled up shape.

icing the roll

1. to make the ice cream: mix the vanilla ice cream (softened) with as much peanut butter as you like.
2. chop up your picnic bar
3. unroll the sponge
4. spread the peanut butter ice cream onto the sponge. make sure you cover all areas.
5. sprinkle chopped up picnic bar bits all over the sponge.
6. roll up the sponge, making sure it remains tight. do not have the baking paper in this time
7. cover the entire piece with the baking paper and then the tea towel and freeze for about 2-3 hours.
8. nomnomnomnom

The peanut ice cream is sinfully delicious. The arctic roll as a whole tastes quite awesome.

I’m a happy girl.




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