pandan chiffon cake (fail)

by Anne Grace on July 18, 2012

I recently tried making this pandan chiffon cake – recipe from here. I was craving so badly for it when I saw the recipe. I didn’t have a bundt pan but I thought it didn’t matter…

Apparently it does. I learnt that the hard way.

What I like about this recipe is that it doesn’t ask for pandan extract. You get the pandan flavour from pounding/foodprocessoring pandan leaves and allowing the flavour to infuse into milk. If the recipe had asked for pandan extract, I’d have put it in. This one kind of convinced me that I can have a pandan cake without having it green…

Anyway, I found out that I went wrong at the part when I didn’t use a bundt pan. I was getting so excited seeing the cake expand beyond the horizons of its little cake tin. It went poof and sank all the way down once it came out of the oven, unfortunately.

The other thing about this cake is that you have to leave it to cool upside down. That is, when the cake is done, you take the tin out of the oven and invert it and leave it like that to cool. It’s important because you don’t want the weight of the cake to sink and squash out all that sponginess.

I couldn’t have done that this time because the cake had rose to 1.5 times the height of the cake tin. Another reason why a bundt pan is good. Note that it’s good to get one of those Asian aluminium ones though – they are generally deeper and the tin can come apart (like a springform pan).

Cake-fail-ness aside, it did taste pretty good. So it was gone in 2 days (as usual).

Attempt #2 coming soon. Hopefully it will be successful! *fingers crossed*


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