kuih batik

by Anne Grace on September 7, 2011

Due to my utter carelessness and over-excitement, I have forgotten to take a photo of the final product. Forgive me for committing this cardinal sin. Some things in life are just too yummy to get photographed.

So I will have to allow Google images to come to my rescue. It’s supposed to look like this:

Credits to Colours of Malaysia for the photo.

Anyway, I read online that this is an East Malaysian dessert. I remember seeing it in bakeries, glad wrapped and sold. But for some reason I didn’t fancy it that much. It just didn’t appeal to my young soul…

It’s the third time I’ve made this. And to be honest, it’s not all that fool proof. I’ve yet to develop the ‘instinct’ to get the right consistency every time I make it. This cake involves making a chocolatey-milo custard that is supposed to be mixed with the Marie biscuits and then refrigerated to set into a cake-like thingo.

Have a look at what’s involved first, and maybe you’ll understand why I might find it difficult to get the right consistency

kuih batik (recipe tweaked from corner café)


1 cup milo+cocoa powder (ratios are up to you. i went 3 parts milo 1 part cocoa powder)
125ml boiling water
100g white sugar
200g condensed milk
190g butter, cubed
1/2 tspn vanilla extract
5 eggs
1 pack marie biscuits (250g) – i didn’t use the whole pack. just what was sufficient


1. line a loaf tin with baking paper/foil.
2. dissolve milo-cocoa mixture in the boiling water (all this happens in a pot/someformofpanthingo)
3. add the remainder of the ingredients (except the biscuits) and put the mixture on medium heat. stir constantly.
4.  leave it on medium heat until you feel the mixture getting thicker. the butter should have melted by this stage. it should take about 5 mins (can be shorter though).
5. when this happens, turn the heat on low and continue stirring until it gets really thick. this is where things are a bit blurry for me. i take it off the heat when i think it’s thick enough. but it may not be. one way to check is to kinda scoop some up and let it drop down onto the mixture. if it doesn’t sink in then it should be thick enough.
6. mix it with quarter-broken marie biscuits or be a perfectionist like me and layer the whole thing (look at the photos to get what i mean).
7. if you decided to go the non-perfectionist way, then just dump it into the lined loaf tin, wrap and chilllllll.

Ok. Hope that wasn’t too confusing. Was trying to communicate two ways of assembling the cake in one sentence. Basically, you can either break the biscuits and mix it with the custard then just fill up the loaf tin. Or… arrange them so the layers are completely straight. So you go chocolateygoodness, layer of biscuits, chocolateygoodness, layer of biscuits *recurrent* until you’re out of custard. The photo shows the layering method.

I cannot guarantee that the thing will set. You will have to rely on your instincts for that. Other option is to just keep it on the low heat until it just don’t get any thicker. I haven’t tried that.

Another thing, I won’t be such a perfectionist next time round. I don’t think layering biscuits is such a nice way to go because when I did it, it didn’t provide enough ‘support’ for the soft fudgey chocolate.

Anyway, it’s still a yummylicious thing. Just not texturally perfect in my hands!

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