the ultimate triple birthday cake

by Anne Grace on July 1, 2011

So there was a triple birthday party recently. My prank was to make a cake triple the height just to pull their legs.

I had intended for the cake to be taller. But I didn’t want a recipe that let it rise too much – in the fear that it may be too ‘airy’ that it would just topple over. So I took E.’s ultimate chocolate cake recipe and mix matched with some in-between fillings.

I suspect that the ultimate chocolate cake recipe will remain E’s ultimate secret so I do not possess the rights to share it. I will, however say that it is possible to use any chocolate cake recipe to build such a cake. It really is quite flexible.

But this is how I did it.

From bottom up:
Layer 1
Chocolate ganache
Layer 2
Raspberry filling
Layer 3
Whipped cream
Layer 4
Whipped raspberry cream
Layer 5
Whipped cream with raspberry filling on top
Layer 6
Chocolate ganache to cover


raspberry filling
1. Take 20 ounces of frozen raspberry and whizz it in some food processor / whateverpuréeingdeviceavailable.
2. Strain the purée to get rid of seeds
3.  Dunk the strained purée in a pot with y amount of sugar (‘y’ = amount enough to take the sourness out)
4. Add  2 tbsp cornstarch (note: dissolve cornstarch in small amounts of purée before mixing it in with the rest)
5. Leave to cool.

chocolate ganache
1. 500g chocolate to 500ml cream.
2. Warm cream in a water bath then add chopped chocolate and stir to combine

whipped cream
1. Beat cream with a beater until soft peaks form. Add whatever you want. I like plain cream because I’m like that. xD

raspberry cream
1. Add aforementioned raspberry filling to the aforementioned whipped cream and there you go!

That’s pretty much it. Decorate it like no tomorrow!


photo credit : J. Lee and his Olympus Pen

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