chicken rice (lazy way)

by Anne Grace on June 19, 2011

it’s exams (LAST ONE YAY). i need something easy, fuss free, and something not instant noodles..

the recipe i used was adapted from a site which advertised it as ‘claypot chicken rice’ and you obviously can’t call it claypot unless you have it in a claypot.. so i’ll just call it chicken rice.

this dish uses classic chinese ingredients. you probably won’t go wrong if you just close your eyes, dunking in whatever that seems chinesey into it.

i didn’t use any measurements so i can only give you what ingredients i used. you tweak up the tastes you like and be slightly stingier with the stronger tasting stuff.

lazy chicken rice


for the marinate:
sesame oil
light soy sauce
chinese wine (i put heaps in cos i like the smell)

for the rice:
dark soy sauce
garlic (i put about 5-6 cloves)

other stuff:
chinese mushrooms
spring onion (just to garnish – optional)


1. marinate the chicken. i marinated it for about 30 mins but would have loved to have it sit overnight.
2. wash rice and add in the water required to cook the rice into the rice cooker.
3. add in crushed garlic and sliced/crushed ginger into the rice cooker.
4. add the marinated chicken and sliced mushroom into the rice cooker.
5. press the button to cook!
6. half way through, stir the rice just to mix stuff up a bit.
7. add dark soya sauce and some salt to add a little taste to it
8. TADA (can add chopped spring onion to make it look pretty)

the rice got a little soggy for me. they say that you add in 80% of the normal water you’d usually add to cook rice because there’s moisture from the chicken. i didn’t do that. so i got soggy rice. but still tasted great.

if you want to mimic the claypot chicken rice crunchy rice feature, just keep putting the rice cooker back onto the ‘cook’ function. the thermostat turns the rice cooker to ‘warm’ at a certain temperature. so if it refuses to go to ‘cook’, turn off the rice cooker to ‘cool it down’ a little then turn it on to ‘cook’. the rice at the bottom will go nice and crunchy.

i think other kinds of meat (specifically lap cheong / lap yuuk) will work nicely as a substitute or with the chicken. so feel free to manipulate the ingredients! :)

happy tummy happy body makes happy student. :D


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