tim tam truffles

by Anne Grace on March 22, 2011

before i begin this post, i must warn you that you can and will expect me to post more sweet desserty recipes compared to the┬ásavouries. this is due to the mere fact that i have a sweet tooth (and also because i’m significantly better at this kind xD). i’m the kind of girl who takes a friend’s birthday as an excuse to try out that new cake recipe. i’m also that girl who can’t stand boring pharmacology and dashes off to make tim tam truffles just because she can. lol

so this is a recipe that i found on su yin’s blog (shegotawesomeblogcheckitout!). loved the recipe instantly. however, this recipe and i just haven’t really got it together yet. you’ll see why.

now, i’ve made slight modifications to the recipe. su had these beautiful truffles on bamboo skewers, enabling her to create a bouquet of truffles. i did so on my first try, only to have the truffles sliding their way down the stick. i wasn’t very impressed. >=(

the first try


so this is my second take on the recipe. i decided to go a bit more conventional and keep these truffles in little party cupcake cases. they look just as cute ok. haha.

i’m not too sure whether you can find tim tams outside australia. pretty sure you can. if you can’t, i’m pretty sure you can use an alternative which involves chocolate, wafer, loadsmorechocolate, and chocolate.

tim tam truffles (recipe from su yin)

one pack of tim tams
one 250g pack of cream cheese (low fat if you’re conscious)
cooking chocolate
thickened cream (or milk) – optional
topping of choice (nuts, sprinkles, choc chips, melted choc etc)

1. crush tim tams till they are relatively crumbly and bread crumb like (or chuck it in the food processor. i did it nyonya way)
2. mix crushed tim tams with the whole pack of cream cheese until fully combined.
3. roll the mixture into a ball and place in the fridge for at least 30 mins.
4. take the mixture out and roll them into balls of desired size.
5. melt chocolate in a water bath. add thickened cream or milk if too clumpy.
6. coat yummylicious truffles in chocolate and decorate to your heart’s content.
7. pop into the fridge for 15 mins and it should be good to go down your digestive tract!

* when making the chocolate coating, use as much as you need. however, add as little cream/milk as possible – only just enough to make it easy to coat the truffles. thinning it out too much will cause the coating to remain soft.


i must admit, i still haven’t found a way to handle these little devils. the recipe looks incredibly easy but it is rather time consuming (well that’s cos i didn’t know how to work the melted choc well so it took me about 45 mins to coat and decorate 30ish truffles). but yeah, if you get the hang of it, it should treat you well.

all that said and done, the work and time was definitely worth it.

i am a happy girl who is ready to tackle pharmacology. ^^

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Hohoho, this lucky girl got to try these first-hand ;) and I can assure you that the cream cheese calories are sooo worth it !!

by Sakura on March 23, 2011 at 6:03 am. Reply #

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