Seven vegetable couscous

by E. on March 18, 2011

Inspired by an episode from Cooking the World which was filmed in Morocco, I decided to give couscous a shot.

I had only made couscous once in my life – back when I was a doe-eyed fresh out of junior college lass backpacking the Eastern coast of Australia. I vividly remember the San Remo pack, ZJ’s violent reaction to undercooked couscous and my deep embarrassment which led to the disposal of the said pack of couscous in the backpacker’s “free to use” pantry section.

Fast forward 7 years (Gasp! I am getting old. Dang). Kitchen wiser and confident that I will not fail on couscous again, I attempted this recipe but with a few changes.

For starters, I did not have said fresh parsley and coriander in the pantry so I had to leave that out. No powdered ginger either and since I was short of time, grating fresh ginger went out the window too. Also, I had used up my last zucchini and had only three wee tomatoes in the veggie basket. To bulk up the dish, I used a green and red capsicum which actually went down really well. Anyhow, I made do with what I had and this was the final result. Pretty neat huh?

Recipe Review

The vegetables did mighty well but do remember to control the flame. I left mine on medium and ended up with a lot less gravy than what I had hoped for. It is best to bring the stock with the vegetables to a rolling boil and reducing the flame right down to sustain a gentle simmer.

Now, truth to be told, I did the couscous in a bamboo steamer over the boiling stock and vegetables in a wok.

The couscous didn’t cook through although I had followed the recipe to a T. Perhaps I am cursed by the good monks on the San Remo packet or I am meant to be sworn enemies with couscous. Either way, I had to empty out a cup and a half of stock over the couscous before it finally became “fluffy”. Lesson learned, DO follow the packet instructions.

Happy cooking!

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