creamy tuna mushroom fettucine

by Anne Grace on March 29, 2011

i hate tuna.

ain’t that an odd way to start a post about a tuna-loaded recipe.

anyway, last sunday, apolo decided to work his cooking skills and dish up a jamie oliver tuna fettucine recipe for us. i was a little concerned but thought i’d just take it.

i don’t know what it is about tuna i don’t like. it’s probably the smell and taste of it all. i used to try to ignore the taste of tuna in those canteen sandwiches i used to buy the best i could (i used to buy the sandwich for the egg… seriously. xD). but it has a strong taste, i must say.

so apolo put this up and strangely… it tasted just fine! so i decided to replicate it. i knew the ingredients he used but not the quantity or the steps. so i decided to just play around with it. that’s why i can’t give you quantitative measures of each thing.

creamy tuna mushroom fettucine (adapted from jamie oliver, inspired by apolo)

tuna (quantity depends on how much you love it)
mushrooms (i overloaded mine with this cos i heart mushrooms)
fettucine (or any pasta of choice)
crème fraîche
chilli flakes
parmesan cheese


1. boil pasta as it says on the packaging.
2. slice mushrooms and fry it in a chunk of butter until it turns relatively brownish
3.  add the canned tuna and pasta
4. add  crème fraîche & appropriate amount of milk to make it less dry
5. season with salt, pepper and chilli flakes
6. top with shaved parmesan, you who are cheesy lovers!



some things that you might want to change:
– in the case that you can’t find crème fraîche, you can try normal cream instead of  crème fraîche and milk. the taste may change a little but me is guessing that it’d still be pretty good
– i might want to add a little lemon next time
– if you’re the kind who loathes tuna, try bacon instead. you might have to make sure the bacon’s cooked before adding in the pasta though

i suppose tuna can taste alright…?

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maybe you’re just acquiring the taste =P

by Sakura on March 31, 2011 at 8:39 am. Reply #

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