creamy tuna mushroom fettucine

by Anne Grace on March 29, 2011

i hate tuna. ain’t that an odd way to start a post about a tuna-loaded recipe. anyway, last sunday, apolo decided to work his cooking skills and dish up a jamie oliver tuna fettucine recipe for us. i was a (…)

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tim tam truffles

by Anne Grace on March 22, 2011

before i begin this post, i must warn you that you can and will expect me to post more sweet desserty recipes compared to the┬ásavouries. this is due to the mere fact that i have a sweet tooth (and also (…)

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by Eli James on March 19, 2011

I’m a Uni student, living on campus, and so the amount of food I can keep in my room (or the shared fridge – where each resident has one tray to store their own food) at any one time is (…)

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Seven vegetable couscous

by E. on March 18, 2011

Inspired by an episode from Cooking the World which was filmed in Morocco, I decided to give couscous a shot. I had only made couscous once in my life – back when I was a doe-eyed fresh out of junior (…)

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